Forms and Documents

Here is the home for various forms and documents relevant for Trinity's current ministry.  We will keep it updated as necessary, but it will not be exhaustive.  If there is something you are looking for, but cannot find, please contact us!

Categories you'll find below: Devotions and Studies, Congregational Meetings and Voters' Assemblies, and Worship Servants' Schedules


Devotions and Studies

Discussion Questions for The Faith

5/22/16 - Lord's Supper: Living "The Faith"

5/15/16 - Lord's Supper: God's Banquet of Lamb, Bread, and Wine

5/8/16 - Lord's Supper: 

5/1/16 - Confession and Absolution: Absolution

4/24/16 - Confession and Absolution: Confession

4/17/16 - Baptism: FAQ's and FYI's

4/10/16 - Baptism: Our New Life in Christ

4/3/16 - Baptism: The Power of Water and the Word


Congregational Meetings and Voters' Assemblies

June 18, 2016 Annual Voters' Assembly Packet

February 6, 2016 Voters' Assembly

January 10, 2016 Voters' Assembly

2014 Annual Voters Meeting Report Packet

Mission Statement



Worship Servants' Schedules

 May 2015