The New Normal Series

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DayTitleDaily readings
14/20/2020Together, but not TogetherActs 1:1-11
24/21/2020Something MissingActs 1:12-26
34/22/2020Filled with the Holy SpiritActs 2:1-13
44/23/2020Repent and Be BaptizedActs 2:14-47
54/24/2020Rise up and Walk!Acts 3:1-26
64/25/2020They had been with JesusActs 4:1-22
74/26/2020One Heart and SoulActs 4:23-5:11
84/27/2020Obeying God Rather than MenActs 5:12-42
94/28/2020Service and persecutionActs 6:1-15
104/29/2020An Underrated SpeechActs 7:1-34
114/30/2020The First Christian MartyrActs 7:35-60
125/1/2020The Seed of the ChurchActs 8:1-25
135/2/2020Go Toward the SouthActs 8:26-40
145/3/2020Jerusalem to Damascus and Back AgainActs 9:1-31
155/4/2020Tabitha, Arise
165/5/2020Kill and EatActs 10:1-23a
175/6/2020God Shows No PartialityActs 10:23b-11:18
185/7/2020First Called ChristiansActs 11:19-30
195/8/2020Martyrdom and RescueActs 12:1-25
205/9/2020The Journey BeginsActs 13:1-12
215/10/2020Paul’s First SermonActs 13:13-52
225/11/2020Persecution and ProgressActs 14:1-28
235/12/2020The Jerusalem CouncilActs 15:1-35
245/13/2020Two Missions and Mission Number TwoActs 15:36-16:10
255/14/2020Open Hearts and Open DoorsActs 16:11-40
265/15/2020Searching the ScripturesActs 17:1-15
275/16/2020The Unknown GodActs 17:16-34
285/17/2020Corinth, Ephesus, and Home AgainActs 18:1-23
295/18/2020On the Road AgainActs 18:24-19:20
305/19/2020The Silversmith’s SkirmishActs 19:21-41
315/20/2020Killer PreachingActs 20:1-16
325/21/2020God Be With YouActs 20:17-38
335/22/2020UndeterredActs 21:1-26
345/23/2020The Trials BeginActs 21:27-22:21
355/24/2020The Jerusalem TrialActs 22:22-23:35
365/25/2020Trial Before FelixActs 24:1-27
375/26/2020Appeal to CaesarActs 25:1-27
385/27/2020In the Grip of the KingActs 26:1-32
395/28/2020Come Sail AwayActs 27:1-38
405/29/2020Run AgroundActs 27:39-28:10
415/30/2020The End of the RoadActs 28:11-31