Sunday Worship

9:15 AM Sunday Worship

Coronavirus Update

All On-Campus Activities (Including Sunday Worship) are Canceled Until Further Notice.

Worship at Trinity reflects our understanding of Christian community and Biblical foundation for worship. At Trinity creating opportunities for worshippers of every age and faith walk who come through our doors to be able to hear the Gospel is the priority.

Worship at Trinity…

  • embraces the historical in that it values those worship practices that have found expression in twenty-one centuries of Christian worship.
  • also embraces the contemporary in that it values the fresh expression of worship elements appropriate for every age and culture.

In Christ, we seek to support our members not just to hear the word and worship on Sunday but to challenge every person that comes through our doors to take one more step further in their relationship with our Savior. Whether that be taking a Bible study, or leading a Bible study, every member is supported and encouraged to take, just one more step. 

Through a variety of learning opportunities, you can dive deeper into God’s word or expand your knowledge on a variety of topics through a Biblical perspective in hopes of growing you in faith.

Education options are available for all ages.

Holy Communion

As Christians, we take Jesus at His Word (Matthew 26:26-29; I Cor. 10:16-22; 11:23-29), believing that, in, with and under the bread and the wine, we receive His body and blood in this Holy Meal. We further confess that Jesus offers Himself to us for the forgiveness of our sins, the strengthening of our faith and the building up of our fellowship with one another.

If you desire to participate in communion we invite you to partake in one of two ways.
  1. If you agree with our understanding of this Holy Meal, come forward and receive it with us.
  2. Uncertain in your understanding of the Lord’s Supper? You and your family may still come forward for a blessing from the Pastor. Simply cross your arms over your heart when the communion assistant offers you the bread, and that is a signal to the Pastors that you would like a blessing.

For those not able to consume alcohol for a medical reason, in the center of each communion tray, there is “alcohol-free” (less than .5%) wine. Also, for those who are gluten intolerant, there are gluten-free wafers in the center of each bread dish.

Children in Worship

At Trinity, we believe in something we call intergenerational worship. Putting it simply, we love seeing all generations worshiping together,
and that absolutely includes children.

During the service
During both worship services, we provide children with activity bags that help engage the student in the service, and every service has a children’s message. During the Children’s message, our pastor will invite the children to come up front and sit with him for a special activity or reflection geared just for them.

When they just need a break

We understand that sometimes both parents and littles simply need a small break. Out in our lobby, you will find a small play area for your child to freely play with and tv screens for you to still be a part of our worship.

If you have any other questions about children in worship please email us or speak with one of our greeters when you join us on Sunday. 

Can’t make it on campus Sunday morning? We would love for you to join us online. Find out more information here.