Welcome to the RLC Blog!

Dear friends, welcome to the blog for the Red Letter Challenge at Trinity! As we begin our first week of the challenge, we are beginning to do our daily readings, starting to gather in our small groups, and holding devotions with our families. As part of this journey together, Pastor Caleb, Taylor Stichler and I will be sharing some of our thoughts each week. You can look forward to Pastor’s thoughts on Thursdays and Taylor’s on Saturdays. Sometimes they will be in written form and sometimes delivered via video. Today, as you scroll down, you will find a video from me, with apologies–my voice sounds a bit rough around the edges due to a cold. You may find it just as amusing as my family does! Please know that I am holding all of you in my prayers as we walk through the 40 days of the Red Letter Challenge together. We know the Lord will bless our study of His Word! –Heather Stueve, Director of Christian Life and Family Connections, September 21, 2021