Meet the Team! – A Note from The Let’s Build Trinity Committee.

We are excited to provide an update on the “Let’s Build Trinity” committee which was commissioned by the Trinity Board of Directors in September. The mission of the committee and its members can be found below. The committee is led by Grant Ludwick.

The committee has met twice already and is ready to act on item #1 in the mission outline, which is to provide a current and future needs assessment of facilities. Thanks to a donor’s gift, we will be hiring an outside consultant to assist the team in conducting an initial assessment. In addition to the outside consultant’s work, members of the committee will begin reaching out to various “stakeholders” in the Trinity family to assist with the assessment. This will include church members, school families, and students.

Our commitment is to provide regular updates to you on the progress of the committee, which is tasked with the completion of its work by the spring of 2022.

We ask for two things from you:

  1. Prayerfully consider working with the committee if asked to provide input.
  2. Pray for the committee that it will be led to do work that will glorify the mission of Jesus in the Bend community.

If you have any questions related to the committee or its efforts, please contact either Grant Ludwick or Paul Hough.

Grant Ludwick
Chair, Let’s Build Trinity 

Pastor Caleb Adams
Senior Pastor

Paul Hough
Board of Directors Member       

Gregg Pinick
Executive Director/Head of Schools