Much has happened as the Let’s Build Trinity project has moved forward.

much has happened as the Let’s Build Trinity project has moved forward.

Since our last update from the June 12, 2022, Voter’s Meeting, much has happened as the Let’s Build Trinity project has moved forward.

  • Two architectural firms (Cole and BLRB) were engaged in a competition this summer to bid fees for the duration of Phase 1 of a new building project and to create renderings from a Let’s Build Trinity provided project scope that was originally defined as:

    • Worship space which could also serve as a performance space with a seating capacity of 400-450 people

    • 16 classrooms

    • A gathering space

    • An office area

    • An entrance off of Empire Road

    • Adequate parking and the infrastructure to support the flow of traffic on campus

    • Completing Phase 1 by July 2025 to be open for the 100th ministry year at Trinity.

  • BLRB Architects were unanimously selected by the Let’s Build Trinity committee, presented to the Board of Directors (BoD) for affirmation, and contract negotiations began and were recently concluded.

  • Trinity member, David Moles, has volunteered his time to serve as our Project Manager to lead three tasks.

    • The completion of the installation of three modulars being the first. The modular project is nearly completed and will be paid for at completion.

    • The second item was to ensure that the City of Bend would vest Trinity’s Master Plan from 1994 to allow the construction of worship, performance, and building space.  Permission to build without a new Master Plan has been secured with the help of two Trinity school parents who work on many projects with the City of Bend..

    • The third item is the construction of Phase 1 of Let’s Build Trinity.

      • Phase 1 includes a single building to enhance our worship, performance, and Learning for Life programs on campus.

  • BLRB has produced two evolutions of renderings and has begun refining the scope so that a budget estimate can be determined by January 2023.

  • Ben Sigman of Ministry Advance continues to advise our capital campaign, Boldly Building Our Legacy (BBOL).

  • We have held six Vision Nights where the project has been explained and lead gifts have been solicited for BBOL.

  • A “Hello My Name Is” back-to-school event at the Tower Theater in late August welcomed over 300 people, most of whom were new to the Trinity Family. During the event’s program we announced the coming public phase of the campaigned and shared a small preview of the plans for a new building on campus.  

  • Grandparents/Special Friends Day was held in early October, and we welcomed over 400 people to campus.  It was a special day. It was exciting to be able to take some time to share the campaign with those in attendance. Current renderings were set up in the lobby to allow for more questions. 

  • Pastor Caleb began the 6-week sermon series on Abraham: A Legacy of Faith as the BBOL was publicly launched to our congregation.

  • Q & A events have occurred after each service to answer questions about the campaign and the preliminary renderings.

  • Congregational Commitment Sunday will be on November 6.  Capital campaign fundraising will continue as the public phase for our school-only families will conclude on April 22 at the Annual Auction.


The vote at the November 6 Voter’s meeting is to affirm the BoD recommendation to sign the BLRB contract. The contract is for:


  • The full life cycle of design and support for the project Phase 1 at a quoted cost of $1.67MM. (A possible future Phase 2 would be to expand the building as we grow.)

  • Gathering the data to build a final scope for Phase 1 and the projected costs to build (through December 2022) and making scope adjustments to align with anticipated funds available.

  • Producing schematic drawings (January 2023-April 2023), which would also indicate possible future expansion in a Phase 2.

  • Detailing the design

  • Preparing the scopes and specifications for Construction Documents

  • Permitting efforts and support

  • Interfacing during construction to ensure design requirements are met

The contract contains language that allows Trinity to cancel the contract with notice and pay what is due up to that notice.