It’s amazing what a breath of fresh air spreading out can do for anticipation.

It’s amazing what a breath of fresh air spreading out can do for anticipation.

December 2, 2022

Dear Trinity Family,

As we enter into the Christmas season, It’s always a refreshing excitement to see the creativity that comes through the variety of events and experiences of the holidays. Last Sunday, as we entered into the advent season, I observed our worship team recreate the setup in front of the existing worship area to enhance our worship as one philosophy. That following Monday began another transition of that same space for the various activities we host on campus during the week. From worship to PE classes to chapels to basketball practices to midweek Advent worship to choir rehearsal and back again, Trinity is in a constant state of high-level adapting and flexing. 

The joyful service, collaboration and support our staff and volunteers contribute to help our Family function is nothing short of moving. But it is also exhausting. This week was also the first week we moved classes out of the gym areas to the new modular. The ability to spread out a little more has been well received and given a little glimpse into what a breath of fresh air spreading out can do, and it only furthers the anticipation of our upcoming building campaign. 

Over the past several days, I have sat in meetings with the architects and stakeholders who have given input into the education, performance and worship, common areas, and office areas of the planned new building.  There is such energy around what can be developed to allow Trinity Bend to serve our family members and community better. Our philosophy going into this project has been facilities facilitate programs, and I can only imagine what our programs will look like going forward with purpose-built facilities. We have a lot of work to do to get to these new facilities and a lot of money yet to raise, but we keep stepping forward in faith and thanking Him for all He will provide. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Since our last update from October 28, 2022

Boldly Building our Legacy Capital Campaign

  • Commitments and gifts through November 14 have totaled $3,254,078 towards the $12,000,000 goal – 27.12%
  • Trinity’s Communications team launched a new website to provide updates to the Boldly Building Our Legacy (BBOL) Campaign:
  • Students from Trinity’s school have stepped up to support the project by bringing in their spare change. So far, they have donated over $1,400 to the project.
  • Jon Vevia and Heather Salvesen shared BBOL presentations at the MS Musical performances on November 10 and 11.
  • If possible, Trinity congregation members are asked to submit their pledges through December 11.

BLRB Architects

  • The BLRB Architects contract was approved at Trinity’s Voters’ Meeting on November 6.
  • The architects have held several stakeholder meetings to gather additional input for the project.
  •  The next step is acquiring a Construction Management/General Contractor firm through a bid process.

Modular Classrooms

  • Two of the three new modular buildings (four of the six classrooms) have received conditional occupancy approval. A few final items are being finished outside before The City of Bend will grant permanent occupancy.
  • Classroom equipment and furniture were assembled and placed in the four classrooms over the Thanksgiving break and the rooms welcomed students on Monday, November 28.
  • The final two classrooms were approved for occupancy by Dec 2.  Furniture installation is underway as are a couple of manufacturer repairs, and we should be in full use by Tuesday, December 6.

Giving Opportunities

  • For some donors, gifts from your IRA’s can be Qualified Charitable Donations, which count toward annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) but are not taxable as most RMDs usually are.
  • Please check with your retirement planner or accountant to see how you can give with little to know tax implications on your gift.
  • Many of our Trinity Family have worked with Thrivent Financial over the years and they are glad to assist as needed.  Contact our local Thrivent representative, Tyler Brewer, for more information, at 208-409-4126.