Happy New Year! 

   Let’s Build Trinity Update

January 6, 2023

Dear Trinity Family,

Happy New Year!  As we begin 2023, we also begin the 98th year of ministry for Trinity’s Congregation which was established December 27, 1925.  We continue to thank God for His many blessings and His guidance and direction to use this congregation to share the hope of Jesus throughout Bend, Central Oregon, and beyond.

There were numerous moments throughout the last month where the need for additional space on campus to do ministry was apparent–setting up and tearing down the choir concert sets in the gymnasium so that worship could happen on Sunday morning and basketball practices could occur Monday afternoon.  We are grateful to all of the volunteers who helped get our worship area ready for the Christmas celebrations and then restore the gym space so the flooring could be cleaned and resealed the next week.  Having new worship/performance and education space will allow for more new ministry opportunities and enhance our traffic flow around campus as well as provide additional parking.

Since our last update from December 2, 2022…

  • Boldly Building our Legacy (BBOL) Capital Campaign

    • Commitments and gifts through January 3 have totaled $5,513,718 towards the $12,000,000 goal – 45.95%

    • Students from Trinity’s school have stepped up to support the project by bringing in their spare change. As of January 3, they have donated over $3,006.10 to the project.

    • The focus of the campaign will now shift from the congregation to families who attend Trinity’s school and other foundations to help us reach our desired goals. For those congregational members who would still like to participate in this opportunity, please contact Pastor Caleb or Executive Director Gregg Pinick.

    • The Trinity Auction is scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2023 and will serve as the culminating event of the BBOL Capital Campaign.

  • BLRB Architects

    • Stakeholder input was completed in December and preliminary drawings of that data received have been sent to get a draft cost estimate.  Once the architects receive these estimates, they will review and make recommendations for modifications to the Let’s Build Trinity team.

    • Once a scope is finalized that fits within the project budget, we will schedule a Trinity Voters’ Assembly to approve the next steps.

    • The architects have scheduled a pre-application meeting with the City of Bend to discuss the process and components of submitting a permit application when the appropriate time comes.

  • Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC)

    • Four CM/GC companies were sought to complete the Request for Proposal (RFP). Three have replied that they will participate in the process. One decided not to participate. Proposals from CM/GC contractors are due by mid-January.  

  • Modular Classrooms

    • All of the modulars have been occupied since December 7.  This has provided six more learning spaces on campus.

    • Monies from the Marty Sylwester Memorial Funds were used to furnish one of the modular classrooms.

  • Giving Opportunities

    • For some donors, gifts from your IRAs can be Qualified Charitable Donations, which count toward annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) but are not taxable as most RMDs usually are.

    • Please check with your retirement planner or accountant to see how you can give with little to no tax implications on your gift.

      • Many of our Trinity Family have worked with Thrivent Financial over the years and they are glad to assist as needed.  Contact our local Thrivent representative, Tyler Brewer, for more information, at 208-409-4126.

Trinity’s Communications team launched a new website to provide updates to the Boldly Building Our Legacy (BBOL) Campaign:

There is a host of information on this site, updated designs of the project as we receive them, and testimonies from several Trinity Family members to share why they will be participating in this project.