One More Step – Bible Study Options

One More Step classes begin 10 minutes after our 9:30 morning worship concludes

In Christ, we seek to support our members not just to hear the word and worship on Sunday but to challenge every person that comes through our doors to take one more step further in their relationship with our Savior. Whether that be taking a Bible study, or leading a Bible study, every member is supported and encouraged to take, just one more step. 

Through a variety of learning opportunities, you can dive deeper into God’s word or expand your knowledge on a variety of topics through a Biblical perspective in hopes of growing you in faith.

One More Step options are available for every age!

New One More Step Options Coming April 16

Christianity 101 (April 16 to May 28)

Taught by: Pastor Caleb Adams

Christianity 101 serves as our new member class at Trinity, but it is much more than just that. It is designed to offer something for everyone. Christianity 101 is a great class for anyone interested in what it means to be a Lutheran, those who would like a refresher of their confirmation class, or those who want to accompany and encourage a family member or friend. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate to whatever extent they are comfortable—no one will be put on the spot, and any and all questions are not only welcome but encouraged! 

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Systematic Theology (April 16 to May 21)

Taught by: Ryan Couch

Would you like to learn the Bible’s major themes? In this 6 week class we’ll take a look at some of these overarching topics with the help of the great Lutheran theologian Philip Melanchthon and his work the Loci Communes. This isn’t just for the nerdy types! This book and the class will be accessible to everyone. 

Youth: TBD

 8th-grade confirmation takes place during the One More Step hour and meets throughout the year! We are looking forward to diving into scripture with our 8th graders and watching them grow in their knowledge of the Word! One More Step Confirmation will check in with the rest of our One More Step Kids. Taught by Taylor Stichler and Pastor Caleb Adams. If you are interested in your 8th grade student participating in Confirmation please email


We are so excited for One More Step Kids  this year we will be digging into the life of Jesus and learning about all that He came and did and still does for us today! One More Step Kids has classes for kids in preschool through 7th grade. We will also be providing a nursery during our One More Step hour starting on October 2. Check-in will start about 10 minutes after church at the side doors of the school closest to the parking lot.

Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD

Psalm 102:18