Let’s Build Trinity

Meet the Team! – A Note from The Let’s Build Trinity Committee.

We are excited to provide an update on the “Let’s Build Trinity” committee which was commissioned by the Trinity Board of Directors in September. The mission of the committee and its members can be found below. The committee is led by Grant Ludwick. The committee has met twice already and is ready to act on item #1 in the mission...
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Let’s Build Trinity Committee

The Committee’s Mission

To define the short and long-term vision for improved facilities for worship, performance and education at Trinity Lutheran Church and School (Target Date for Completion of Assessment: Spring, 2022)

The “Let’s Build Trinity” committee is tasked with the following duties:

  1. Providing a current and future needs assessment analysis to include:
    1. Development of new church facilities
    2. Development of new school facilities
    3. Improvement of the current church and/or school facilities as needed
    4. Development of additional facilities
  2. Guiding the development of an updated Master Site Plan
  3. Understanding costs of each proposed project
  4. Providing direction on potential capital campaign or other fund-raising strategies, in concert with the Finance Committee and Board of Directors, to complete recommended projects in a timely fashion.
Needs assessment process:
  1. Engage congregation and school “stakeholders”, i.e., members and school families, to determine Trinity’s future desired state – target dates of Trinity’s 100th anniversary and beyond are suggested.
    1. Methods to be determined by committee – i. e. town halls, surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.
  2. Measure potential needs of non-Trinity stakeholders in the community.
  3. Attain knowledge of Bend City requirements and potential roadblocks.

The Members

Chair – Grant Ludwick, Trinity Board of Directors
Paul Hough, Chair, Trinity Board of Directors
Eric Eidler, Treasurer, Trinity Board of Directors
Debbie Valentine, Trinity’s Admissions’ Director
David Moles, Trinity Member, and school grandparent
Steve Leasure, Head of Commercial Division of Pahlisch Homes, school parent, and assistant coach
Heather Salvesen, past Trinity student and current school parent; auction coordinator
Josh Cordell, Family Pastor at Westside Church
Pastor Caleb Adams, Trinity’s Senior Pastor
Gregg Pinick, Trinity’s Executive Director/Head of Schools