Join us as Trinity takes a deep dive into the book of 1 Corinthians in this daily church-wide study

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Daily Readings

Day 1: Greetings and Thanksgiving – Paul greets the church in Corinth as dear friends who are loved by God.

Day 2: Division – Christ is not divided, but sometimes it looks like His people are.

Day 3: The Foolishness of the Cross – The highest wisdom of man doesn’t come close to touching the lowest of God’s.

Day 4: Shaming the Wise – God chooses the foolish to shame the wise, so our boasting is in Christ alone.

Day 5: Preaching Christ Crucified – All we need is Christ Jesus and Him crucified.

Day 6: Secret and Hidden Wisdom – The true secret and hidden wisdom of God is found in the gospel, made known to us by the Spirit.

Day 7: Jealousy and Strife – Jealousy and strife have no place in God’s church, because it is only God who gives it growth.

Day 8: Building on the Foundation – Christ is our only foundation, and we all must build with care.

Day 9: God’s Temple – You are God’s holy temple, and all things are yours in Christ.

Day 10: Stewards of the Mysteries – The stewards of God’s mysteries are servants, and God alone will judge.

Day 11: The Scum of the World – The apostles are treated as the lowest of the low for the church’s sake. Are we willing to suffer the same?

Day 12: A True Spiritual Father – Paul is the spiritual father of the Corinthians, worthy of imitation and full of the kingdom’s power.

Day 13: A Great and Arrogant Sin – The prideful sin of one of the Corinthians is a sickness that must be cast out, for his sake and the church’s.

Day 14: The Saints Will Judge the World – The saints will judge the world, so let us handle our disagreements within the church.

Day 15: The Temple of Your Body – Our bodies are members of Christ, bought with a price, so we honor the temple of the Lord.

Day 16: Marriage Advice – Marriage guards us against sexual immorality, and the husband and wife belong to each other completely.

Day 17: Marriage as Ministry – Paul gives instructions to the married and unmarried.

Day 18: As You Were – Paul encourages the Corinthians to remain in the state they were in when they were called by God.

Day19: The World is Passing Away – The present form of the world is passing away, so it is best to focus on Christ in the time we have left.

Day 20: Divided Interests – The unmarried are able to please the Lord more single-mindedly because their interests aren’t divided.

Day 21: One True God – Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. Idols are nothing, but God is one.

Day 22: Idols and Food, Rights and Conscience – It’s not about food and idols, but the conscience of others and not letting our rights get in the way.

Day 23: Giving Up Our Rights – Paul surrenders his rights for the sake of the gospel. Will we?

Day 24: All Things to All People – Paul has made himself a servant of all, becoming all things to all people, running to obtain the prize.

Day 25: The Way of Escape – Israel’s example serves as a warning for us to take the way out of temptation that God provides.

Day 26: One Cup, One Bread, One Body – In communion we participate in Christ as one body, so we should have nothing to do with the table of demons.

Day 27: ¬†All to the Glory of God – All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. So let’s do everything to God’s glory as Paul did.