Resources for Trinity Bible Studies

Church and State

January-February 2022  Here are some of the resources that Pastor Caleb Adams referenced during this Bible study. The class handouts are also listed below.

PDFs of the Class Notes:

Christ Revealed: an Advent Study of the Old Testament

December 2021  These are some of the resources that Dr. Stueve referenced during this Bible study. The bolded text indicates a hyperlink to the resource. Note that the brief lectures utilized in the course were delivered by Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing and recorded by CUEnet.

Pure Christ: How to Read the Bible, by Dr. Kevin Armbrust. Published in the Lutheran Witness, February, 2021.

Christ in the Old Testament, by Rev. Dr. Horace Hummel. Published in For the Life of the World by Concordia Theological Seminary in October 1998.

Tabernacled Among Us: Christ in Exodus, by Thomas Egger. Published in the Lutheran Witness in December 2020.

Dr. Stueve quoted several passages from this journal article written by Rev. Dr. Charles Gieschen of the seminary in Fort Wayne:  The Real Presence of the Son Before Christ: Revisiting an Old Approach to Old Testament Christology.

Dr. Stueve read from the sermon “The Resurrection of Our Lord”, which was part of a Lenten sermon series written by Dr. Lessing titled The Book of Job: Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Reading the Psalms with Luther: The Psalter for Individual and Family Devotions with Introductions by Martin Luther. Published by Concordia Publishing House.

This article is from the “Jews for Jesus” website and provides some interesting context for the prophecy of Isaiah chapter 7.

This is an excerpt of Luther’s writings regarding the book of Isaiah. From Luther’s Works, Volume 16: Lectures on Isaiah Chapters 1-39. 

This is an academic paper written by Chad Bird, former professor at Concordia Theological Seminary: Christ in All the Scriptures: The Biblical Typology of Luther and the Fathers. It provides an interesting overview of what early theologians wrote on the subject explored in this class–Dr. Stueve quoted from it several times during the class.